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Toc 10 (4/6) & Patchwork must die!

Holy cow guys. that WAS the best run we have ever done, Hands down.We manged to get to the last boss anub'arak, and would have killed him if our top dps did not have to leave for the night. none the less it was a fantastic run. Postivies!+We had a...
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General Discussion

NAXX raid conclusion (4/2)

Guys this has to be one of the best runs we had!we managed to kill 11 bosses! beating our last kill count by 3.also we had a full 10 man guild run for the first 2+ hours!!!!im not going to add any bad comments about the pugs we had at the end of t...
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Raid days and Raid times

Hey folks, here we will have a poll to see when u guys can make it to the raids, we need to have 10 people show up if we do a guildrun for a 10 man raid, we all want to play so lets synchronise so we all can get a piece of the action, and the loot...
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Raid Conclusion & Changes to Raiding. READ! (3/30)

This report is for the Onyxia/VOA/TOC raids on Saturday the 30th,Alright guys, it was a decent day for raiding, we had a few victory's, a few wipes. We only killed one boss in VOA, Onyxia was a cake walk as usual, and after a few wipes and improvi...
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NAXX Raid Conclusion (3/26)

I am happy to say our first attempt was a solid 8/17 the beginning we were pretty sloppy, but i am very proud to see that every wipe we had we got better and better every time, that is what i like to see, if we wipe and keep wiping not m...
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General Discussion

RAID GUIDES FOR NEW PLAYERS! Watch if you are new!

NAXX - (1-17 Videos)Onyxia - 10 Northrend Beast - - https://w...
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Onyxia down!

Hey folks,Good job on killing onyxia, our first guild raid!TOC was a bit over our heads but atleast we know where we stand now, keep trying to gear up in heroics, get your emblems and those sweet tier8 setbonusses, and we will be ready for TOC in ...
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General Discussion

Guild ranks, Promotion requirements and reward system!

We want people to have motivation and drive. To that end, we've implemented a reward system for all members who earn promotions.Aspirant (Trial member/recruit status)Commoner (Been around for a minute lvl20)-20g RewardCompanion (Friendly, uses dis...
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Home page suggestion

Hi! Just wanna suggest a new banner for the home page. If anyone else has some ideas, post on this thread! ;)Here, take a look:
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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