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#14020866 Apr 07, 2019 at 04:19 PM
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Holy cow guys. that WAS the best run we have ever done, Hands down.

We manged to get to the last boss anub'arak, and would have killed him if our top dps did not have to leave for the night. none the less it was a fantastic run.


+We had a full guild run the whole time! Fantastic.
+Dps was at an all time high, also holy moly 9k dps from praxis, makes me sweat lol!
+healing was great, Danx improved his gear and healing, i was also pulling around 4.5-5k hps
+Tanking started out rocky but once Alora & Smallboi connected on calls, it was great!
+We were one shotting bosses we never faced before! GREAT EFFORT GUYS!!!
+Discord was RTO!


-we wasted about 30 mins trying to share weekly quest =(


Every week we are getting better and better. i am so proud of each and every one of our crusaders.

We are all listing and doing things to improve ourselves in game and it is really showing.

Also big shout out to Brave for stepping up and doing a phenominal job at raid lead this week, Mad props!

keep up the good work guys, were on the top of the mountain, but were really only half way up!




-80 Holy Paladin



-The best heals since sliced bread
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