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#14006595 Apr 03, 2019 at 06:09 AM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Guys this has to be one of the best runs we had!

we managed to kill 11 bosses! beating our last kill count by 3.

also we had a full 10 man guild run for the first 2+ hours!!!!

im not going to add any bad comments about the pugs we had at the end of the run because these post only pertain to our guild.


+Discord was RTO! during bosses
+DPS was great! shoutouts to Mightbegood and Sanchaz for pulling great numbers!
+Healing, not to toot my own horn because danx was a lower GS but i did great yay me! Also when brave took over for danx he did good as well!
+Tanking was as usual very strong! good job Dfallt.

I have nothing to report here besides towards the end, and that all had to do with pugs, so it does not count.


Guys & Gals, were are all making improvements! we are all getting better, faster and stronger! keep this up and the lich king might just yield to us!

keep up the good work and continue to improve. Remember, were at the top of the mountain, but were only half way up!



-80 Holy Paladin



-The best heals since sliced bread
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