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#14004711 Mar 31, 2019 at 03:06 AM
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This report is for the Onyxia/VOA/TOC raids on Saturday the 30th,

Alright guys, it was a decent day for raiding, we had a few victory's, a few wipes.

We only killed one boss in VOA, Onyxia was a cake walk as usual, and after a few wipes and improving upon ourselves we completed Trail of the crusader, well as far as we got i call it a win considering the raid times were past due.

Before i state the positives and negatives, i want to tell you all some of the raid changes we will be implementing.

First and most important, discord RTO is a must! for those who do not know RTO, it means Radio Traffic Only, meaning only speak if it is critical or you are a leader.

To further enforce this rule we are going to be Issuing a 50G fine to those who speak out of context during raids, these times are as follows.

-During prefight tactics lecture
-During boss fights
-During an officer or leader speech

Failure to abide to these simple request will result in a 50G fine that will be paid to the guild bank.

Trust me, we all like to have fun and laugh, its apart of having a good time, but when people are talking over each other and people are missing tactics because of small talk it wears down the leaders and makes things frustrating knowing that if we were not bullshitting we may have saved a wipe, so lets keep discord RTO during these times!

Also we are going to be doing gear checks one day before raids, checking for your GS, enchants, gems ect.

Now for the positives & Negatives for the raids


+DPS was further improved, still needs work but still an improvement, congrats to sayl for the biggest improvement from last week pulling 5k dps.

+Healing was very good, and it would be wrong not to give myself & Brave a pad on the back for doing a great job healing.

+Tanking was yet again spot on, good job to dfallt and zanth for great tanking.

+Same as last week i am very happy to see that with every wipe we were figuring out the things we did wrong and improved upon them, wiping is a stepping stone to success, so do not let that bring us down.

now time for the negatives

-Discord was not RTO, and was one of our biggest issues today.

-it took several wipes for some members to get the simple mechanics down, again partially due to Discord chatter.

-Alot of AFK time from some members, we need to save that time for when we take breaks.

-we had 13 members signed up for today's raid, we only had 7-8 when raid time started.

-All of consumables need to be bought before the raid times, so we are not wasting raid time getting consumables.


Guys, it was our third raid. We are all still learning and every raid we are getting better and better. but lets make sure to keep taking steps forward instead of backward. i am very proud to be apart of this guild and i hope the rest of you share the same pride i do, we have a great group of players and we all get along together very well, lets improve upon that by working together and always helping each other out. we are all a family within WoW, and im glad to be part of this with all of you.




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#14004800 Mar 31, 2019 at 07:28 AM
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I would also like to add that everyone needs to have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) addon.
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#14004897 Mar 31, 2019 at 01:53 PM
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yes that should be a givin, but if you do not have DBM already please get it

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